About us

Minkpapir A/S produces equipment for mink farmers all over the world-  a highly specialized product mix of semi- and fully automated machinery and various consumables and supplies.


Minkpapir A/S was founded in 1987 in Struer, Denmark, and was based on the automated production of paper sleeves for pinning mink.
Production subsequently moved to Esbjerg and in 1991, the company relocated again to its current address in the beautiful natural surroundings of Borbjerg, near Holstebro.

From its origins in the production of paper products for the mink industry, Minkpapir A/S has developed into a highly specialised and modern company with a broad range of products and machines for the treatment of mink.

All plastic, paper and cardboard products are made from 100% recycled materials.


From idea to the product

The company has a clear aim to be a dynamic company that bases its future on long-term partnerships, with growth created through innovation.
This is an approach that has brought the company to where it is today, with product development and innovative thinking as the keys to success.

Through the invention of new pinning sleeves and new plastic, paper and cardboard products for the mink industry, Minkpapir is able to position itself as the leading supplier of automated solutions and concepts for the mink industry.

It is important that the company develops the exact products the industry wants. Fortunately, we are always being presented with various challenges and ideas for new machines that make people’s lives easier at work. All ideas are dealt with in our internal product forum, where they are subsequently examined in more detail.
The development department is the focal point of Minkpapir and it is here that the large number of ideas from the product forum are developed, designed, tested and turned into products.

An innovative atmosphere and the courage to think differently permeate the entire organisation and are the driving forces behind development and “the business of tomorrow”.
All over the world, Minkpapir is respected for its targeted, determined development work, and it is acknowledged that new products and concepts emanate from the company in Borbjerg.



  • To create an industrialisation of the mink market to ensure our customers’ efficiency and earnings. 
  • To increase earnings in the mink industry.
  • To ensure competitiveness in relation to low-salary countries by streamlining processes.
  • To ensure that our customers receive the greatest possible return from their products.


  • To be the best and leading supplier of consumables and machines for the pinning process.
  • To supply innovative products for the entire mink process, if it creates value for us and the customer.


Approximately 45 million mink skins are produced on the world market. Minkpapir produces over 35 million pinning sleeves and plastic sleeves for securing skins.

Minkpapir believes that around 40 million skins out of 45 million globally are machine processed.

Minkpapir’s FIX-concept has proven its worth – with a market share of almost 80%, the FIX-concept is the world leader and represents the standard for skin production. The high quality that is sold through the 4 auction houses in the world is assured by Minkpapir products.

In addition to its headquarters in the beautiful surroundings of Borbjerg, near Holstebro, the company also has a division in Nanjing, China.