Fix- 2,7

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Number 11010024

FIX – 2,7 Pinning Machine

The innovative FIX – 2,7 Pinning Machine is based on the successful FIX- 2 Pinning Machine. FIX – 2,7 is a natural further development of this.

On the FIX – 2,7 Pinning Machine, the sleeve pull-down jaws only grip the sleeve itself, the fur only contacts the low friction interior of the new FIX- Black 150 plastic sleeves. This ensures gentle handling of the skins.

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288,000.00 EUR


Air200 l/min and min.8 bar
Voltage230 VAC 50hz
DataL:80 x B:100 x H:220cm*- 250 kg
Capacity up to 225 skins per hour, *operating height - 240 cm



Product no. DescriptionRec.retail price EUR
11010024Fix-2,7 Pinning Machine37.635,00
11010025Fix-2,7 Update12.473,00*
14040101Fix-2,7 Improved Pelt "hold"2.930,00*

*(The price including assembly)