Fix -3 Drying Station™

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Fix -3 Drying Station™ is "flow optimized" and designed to operate optimal with "high" pressure blower units. 

The higher dynamic operating pressure of the blower in combination with the flow optimized FIX-3 boards and interfaces results in more air are drawn through the boards and results in an efficient drying process.


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Some key features of the new FIX - 3 Drying Station™:

Modular construction, the station are designed and prepared for future expansions upgrades and add-ons products, the “modular design” also allows the concept to be easier configured to better-fit different customer needs and different market demands.

Flow optimized air intake for high performance and efficient use of the drying air.

The access door on the end of the FIX-3 Drying Station™  has defined areas for stickers/numbers for easy identification of the individual stations.

The FIX-3 Drying System™  is designed so it can be fitted/adapted into various configurations, like fresh conditioned air feed through traditional ventilation ducting, via tubing, via dividing wall/curtains etc.

The system is designed and tested to operate efficient under various and fluctuating conditions like ( different humidity/different temperature ranges etc.)

The station will be delivered with a simple and intuitive user interface for an easy operation of the drying station. 


Power230 v/ 6,73 amp
DataL: 240x H: 112 x W: 90 cm


3000 m³/h (up to 4000  m³/h depending on boards in use and indoor conditions)




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11410000FIX - 3 Drying Station™2.144,00
11410010Reinforcement kit 2 pcs.43,00*
390127037Electrical control unit 1 pcs.329,00

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